Definitions for "Adjustable"
Capable of being adjusted.
capable of being changed so as to match or fit; "adjustable seat belts"
capable of being regulated; "adjustable interest rates"
Rate Mortgage (ARM): A mortgage with an interest rate that changes over time in line with movements in the . ARMs are also referred to as AMLS (adjustable mortgage loans) or VRMs (variable rate mortgages).
Rate Mortgage (ARM) A type of loan where the interest rate is tied to a particular financial index. The interest rate AND the monthly payment can change at predetermined intervals.
Rate Mortgage (ARM) -- A loan whose interest rate is adjusted according to movements in the financial market.
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shears with an assembly (usually nut and bolt) that can be adjusted so that they open and close with the amount of effort preferable to the operator.
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an object that handles requests to modify its viewing area