Definitions for "Accountants"
They are the ‘gatekeepersâ€(tm) of the public securities markets. Accountants ensure that the financial statements are correct and complete and give an accurate picture of the company.
Accountants generally specialize in tax advice, though some offer more broad-based financial advisory services, and some also sell products to implement their recommendations. Most charge hourly or flat fees for advice, but some also earn commissions selling products. Most states have an accountancy board that regulates use of the title Certified Public Accountant. These boards do not regulate the financial planning services of CPAs. When accountants market themselves as financial planners or investment advisers, they are required to register as investment advisers at the state and/or federal level. CPAs have passed an extensive test of accounting principles and practices. Some also meet education and testing standards for the Accredited Personal financial Specialist, which cover a broader range of topics.
The officials who compute the placements of the skaters in a competition from the marks given by the judges.