Definitions for "Abner"
Keywords:  saul, army, ishbaal, mahanaim, gilboa
The commander of Saul's army; he was killed by Joab. See Chapter 8.
In the Book of Samuel, Abner (Biblical Hebrew for "father of [or is a] light"), is first cousin to Saul and commander-in-chief of his army (1 Samuel 14:50, 20:25). He is only referred to incidentally in Saul's history (1 Samuel 17:55, 26:5), and is not mentioned in the account of the disastrous battle of Gilboa when Saul's power was crushed. Seizing the youngest but only surviving of Saul's sons, Ishbaal, Abner set him up as king over Israel at Mahanaim, east of the Jordan.
Abner is a Buffyverse character who was used in Buffyverse novels and comics.