Definitions for "A-Frame"
A perfect peak, with a left and a right-hander breaking at either side. The name comes from the fact that the wave is A shaped. On such waves, the surfer has the option of going both ways or even taking off behind the peak or backdooring the wave
A load carrying device peculiar to Korea. It consists of a simple wooden backpack frame built roughly in the shape of the capital letter A with shoulder straps of woven straw. Using this pack frame, Koreans could carry unbelievably large loads over the most rugged terrain.
Basic tent shape that resembles an "A".
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A position in which the skier's thighs are together but the legs are split from the knees down.
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See: brace
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Large window with an angled top that follows the line of a slanted roof or ceiling.
A structural system utilizing members which when fastened together resemble the letter A.
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The receiver for the Cable or Sheath Fault Locator. See Cable Fault Locating for more detail.